ALERT: Knowingly Exposing Others To HIV Is No Longer A Felony In California


The State of California has declared that knowingly exposing others to your HIV positive spunk is no longer a felony.  It's now just a simple misdemeanor—no a fucking traffic infraction. Lord help us all! 

Now more than ever... it's time to get one PrEP A.S.A.P.! 

We have to ask California on glue?! Don't they know jealous exes and jaded gays will exploit this new legal loophole in an act of revenge? It's already happening...READ THIS HORROR STORYThis shit has us on high alerT!

If you are one of the few gays left still braving it out in the open without PrEP, we put together 3 helpful steps to make sure your Top is not infecting your Cum Sock!

1. BYOC (Bring Your Own Condom): That's right bitch, don't trust ANYONE. Not even if he looks healthy. Bring your own condoms, open them yourself and put it on his dick. This way, you know he has not snipped the tip. If you're high make sure to write your initials on the back so you know which ones are yours.

2. Question Sharp Objects In Sight: Inspect the bedroom! If you're like us you always check for hidden cameras before fucking random guys off should also be on the lookout for sharp objects in hand's reach like pins, thumb tacks, needles, syringes, scissors, forks, knives, toothpicks, IKEA furniture tools, pistachio shells and cracked iPhone screen glass...just to name a few!

3. Feel For It: Some guys will try to Stealth you by slowly rolling the condom off when you're high, or huffing poppers and unaware what's going on. To circumvent this, reach around every 5 minutes or so to check if his shaft is still covered in latex, just pretend you're guiding his dick in n' out with your hand.

Stay SAFE WeHo

Jesus Juice


  1. they want all gays dead faster

    1. Thank Jerry Brown and the CA Democrats.

  2. you forgot box cutteers


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