Lucas Dell Vs. Christian Burns—ROUND 1...FIGHT!


West Hollywood Makeup Duck, Lucas Dell, and rude ass piece of shit, Christian Burns, who we would still bang, got into a Twitter war today in a fight for biggest bottom!

We can't really think of two more irrelevant "YouTubers". Lucas is boring and Christian literally gets 2 Views on his videos. Anyways...

It all started when Twitter user ReallyRick posted an "UPGRADE" meme of Christian & Lucas in favor of the Makeup Duck!!! LOL I mean...its hilarious!!!

Lucas Dell then wiped the CVS concealer off his keyboard and replied:
"Let's leave vidcon 2017 there please đŸ˜©" -@lucasdell
...obviously knowing this would rehash what Christian ALREADY apologized for. (He basically told a security guard at VidCon he was less than human)

To which Christian Burns replied in a quoted tweet:
We don't know or care if Lucas has had surgery, but you definitely want to saran wrap your pillows if you sleep with him, or you will never get the foundation out of your sheets!

Then...Lucas Dell lost it and went nuclear on Christian with consecutive shots fired:


The score is in and we are declaring this round a tie since Lucas is clearly shooketh by this! 

We will have to wait for ROUND 2 to see who ends up winning! We having a feeling Christian is going to get some Sephora receipts, AKA Lucas Dell's nudes!!!


We reached out to Christian for comment but have not heard back. 

Call us baby!

Brooke Hogan


  1. Lucas dell is skinny fat

  2. I fucked christian it was loose

    1. when i fucked christian his hole was tight, so i'm not sure where ur getting ur information...

  3. Gay face everywhere!

  4. Who gives a shit about these faggots?

  5. trash neither is a model

  6. Luca's has a dark red and brown ring around his hole. He is not a "twink".

  7. lupita from chicoJuly 25, 2017 at 7:11 AM

    their bottom feeders

  8. Leave Christian alone! He is a homeless alcoholic with mental problems!

    1. yeah not cool guys. no body will hire christian after what he did at vidcon

  9. What is the point of Lucas Dell?, what does he do ? Who pays his rent?


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