Hide Your Dick, Hide Your Drugs... Big Brother Is Coming

Hunty...THE JIG IS UP!

According to KEEP WEHO SAFE, WeHo might soon be getting some eyes in the sky! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh shit!!!!

This is going to really piss off drug dealers people who hook up in Vaseline Alley and do lines behind Fiesta CanTINA.

If this get's approved, you better pray nobody is actively watching those feeds till something actually goes down and the police need to "review" the footage.

The City of West Hollywood is planning on installing "floodlight-like" towers with cameras!
"The new lighting will apparently feature social media components and include cameras which will track autos and pedestrians and monitor customers who enter private businesses. " —KWS
We don't need all this shit. Just stick a Drag Queen on the roof of PUMP with a set of binoculars and a rape whistle. Problem solved.

Gurl, we are moving to Silver Lake.... BEY.

Read more here.

and we leave you with this...

Officer Bottoms McGruff 


  1. That is a good idea to have drag queen patrol with a whistle

  2. This is funny, but honestly this is terrible. West Hollywood does not need cameras. They need to spend our tax dollars on meth addiction awareness and mental health programs. We don't need cameras to watch people self destruct.

  3. they should put cameras in the fiesta cantina bathrrooms

  4. They can watch me all they wan in WEHO. I ain't proud of my gut and my fat behinds so watch me all you can. Who'd care about me eating a taco right where the bus stop is. NOBODY... except perhaps the homeless!


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