Call FEMA because we have a full blown eruption of biblical proportions on our handz! YASSS hunties....the fucking queen of faggots everywhere with her FAG MOB has returned from the depths of major label hell to bring us "VOLCANO".

We have been drooling for the quote/unquote 'OLD BROOKE CANDY' for sometime. Soooooooo we really appreciate this visual. She high key is in Larry Flynt's HUSTLER Magazine office while he sits in his wheelchair LOL. WE CAN'T DEAL. It's the most and we LIVE for it.

This song and video come after a lot of missed hits for Brooke. But let us say, she really came to SNATCH wigs. We are not playing. This is some real ritual shit. The new gay anthem. It's the return of a fallen angel...gurl!!! CALL THE FUCKING CHURCHES AND LET THEM KNOW YOU FOUND GOD!

"I feel it the heat is rising, I'm ready to gooooooooo / my heart rushes when we're united like a volcano"

Yes bitch she is talking bout that good good! 10s across the board for this masterpiece!

Mandy Moore


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