Azealia Banks Brings The Anthems On "SLAY-Z" Album

Wow. Just wow! We feel like we just heard the most insane anthem ridden album of the decade.

Notorious internet freedom fighter, Azealia Banks, dropped her self-released album "SLAY-Z". The Cheapy Xo founder funded her own damn album and started her own damn label, CHAOS AND GLORY RECORDINGS.

On "SLAY-Z"Azealia came to snatch wigs, plan funerals and attend them all in Gucci loafers!

If you aren't all about this album and buy every last song you're lost and there is no saving you. "SLAY-Z" will make the hair on the back of a thanksgiving turkey stand up! It's that LIT!!!!!!

We are linking the iTunes link so you actually buy it. Spend your Chipotle money on ART today...

PS: "Queen of Clubs" will be a battle song in every gay club in America. Who will be the first Drag Queen to preform this at The Abbey?!

Lil' Mimosa