Who Or What Is A Dominic Le Forte?

We've seen this one out n' about more than Rrrrrrrooooses~!

Dominic spends his time running an infamous Facebook gang group called the SoCalBoys, which is like a Truvada Mafia from Orange County that has leached its way into the vagina of West Hollywood.

She also plans brunches and is the designated conductor of the train-wreck. 

When he's not swapping out the oxygen tank on his sugar daddy's wheelchair, he can be found at BarTwink and the new go-to, The Chapel. 

Rumor has it that his dad invented Truvada®.

He also has a blonde accomplice but we will READ her later...

Gossup Boi


  1. One, this website is 100% a lie.
    Two, the only real thing about this post is he payed for it.
    Three, he is poz and does meth only on the "weekends"
    Four, he one time asked me to list him at a private Mickey's even and I said Yea because he was cute.


    1. How do you know he is poz? And isn't your 9-5 day job cutting hair at a RETIREMENT home? Yes, retirement home. I guess 65+ dementia people need beauticians too.

  2. The post and comments are a publicity stunt. DOMINIC LE FORTE even is reposting this exact story on his feed acting like he is "famous"

    Shit wouldn't even be on this website if it wasn't for Dominic Valentino Le Fort from Mexico facebook reposts of this link.

  3. Flattered that you are trying to impersonate me, but I am the real Beau Byron and I would never say anything like this about anybody. Cute though! Thanks! <3

    1. also, seeing as how I WORK at MICKYS i don't think i would misspell the name of the club.

    2. Everybody get a life. You troll this website that much you comment instantly if it pertains you? Sick.

      This does look like a publicity stunt, sorry to say. And coming from a non bias opinion.

    3. What the hell is a Beau Byron? Better yet, who gives a damn?

  4. Typo in the article:

    The name of the F-gang she leads is the "SoCal Bottoms "

    Just a heads up...

  5. Who cares if this gossip is paid for or not? It's about fucking time we get some gossip. Keep putting out articles, who cares if they are true, false, or paid for? We need gossip

  6. What exactly is "famous in weho" and why would someone want to be that? People really pay to have gossip written about themselves and cross post on their Facebook profile? What does this get them? This guy will obviously never be famous.

  7. They didnt even say anything mean about him.....what's the point if you dont have anything particularly nasty to say? I'm guessing it was paid for by Angel Bonilla to promote WTF Fridays because there is nothing left to say about him.


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