Dear Trump, Please Don't Deport Adriano Balestra

HOT TWUNK ALERT: Meet...Adriano Balestra

He may or may not be dating a "famous director", but he's been seen driving a Bentley while applying lipgloss in the HOV lane on his way to a "photoshoot".

Adriano is here on a student visa. Possibly on a full-ride scholarship to USDLA (University Of Sugar Daddies, Los Angeles). He's an Art major or some shit like that but that body is THE real piece of ART.

At this point we don't care how he got here, we hope Trump lets him stay if he drops out. He can skim our credit cards till we file Chapter 11 any day!




Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.


  1. He can stay, but PLEASE get rid of the old, horse-smiled, fossil-fag that keeps chasing him around.....Jamie Rogers aka Tan Mom!

  2. It's the little dainty one from the gym!
    4'9" tall, uses a Louis Vuitton bag as a gym bag...held across his extended wrist, and wears those onion skin dolphin shorts from 1987.
    Nothing sexy about this kid.
    What's with the old guy he's "dating" now?

  3. jamie rogers is so desperate ick!!!


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