Local hottie Michael James posted on his Facebook page early Sunday morning that he was brutally beaten by security personnel at The Abbey on Saturday night. His crime? Apparently he was dancing on the gogo boxes while out with friends. 

We understand that might be cause to remove a patron, but allegedly beating someone for such an infraction goes too far. Other pictures that Michael posted showed massive bruises on his torso and bicep. Someone also posted the following picture on Facebook, which apparently shows Michael being held down on the sidewalk with blood streaming from his head and face.

Abbey security allegedly claim that Michael swung and hit one of them, however none of the security personnel showed any apparent signs of being hit. Additionally, they allegedly claim to have no idea how Michael was injured right in front of them, according to bystanders who overheard them talking with Sheriff deputies. 

After the beating, Michael and his female friend (pictured) allegedly were placed under private persons arrest by security, who also claimed that the girl slapped one of the bouncers. The Abbey apparently intends to press charges.

We heard that an Asian guy was also taking video of the beating with his cell phone, but that person has yet to be located. In addition, sources say that The Abbey allegedly refused to release their own surveillance video of the incident, saying it has to be released by "corporate." Since it's well known that The Abbey is now back in the hands of David Cooley, what could they mean by that? If Abbey security did nothing wrong, there should be no reason to release the video to the Sheriff immediately.

We wish Michael a speedy recovery. We noticed this afternoon that all pictures and posts about the alleged beating were removed from Michael's Facebook page. One post, however, remained. Around 8 PM Sunday Michael posted, "I'm going to sleep early tonight.. Thanks to everyone for the support and sweet messages. I really appreciate it. Stay safe xoxo."

If anyone has pictures, video or any other information about this incident, please contact the West Hollywood Sheriff at 
(310) 855-8850.

When contacted a representative for the Abbey deferred all inquiries about the incident to the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department.



  1. Mistake #1....calling him a "hottie". Uh, NOPE!

    1. rude. he's a sweet and awesome person inside and out.

  2. These queens still use Facebook? hahahahahaha


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