Where does Murray Swanby Model Now?

We're so confused we thought Murray Swanby was the HBIC of the Andrew Christian squad!

But these days it looks like he's switched teams. Will Murray continue the end of his lengthy career as an underwear model at Marco Marco or will he some how manage to grovel his was back into the Andrew Christian empire? 

Stay tuned...



  1. no one cares about an HIV poz, rude, bitchy, addict.

    Pablo still has assault on his record cause of this tard.

    I am so glad pablo beat the shit out of this twirp

  2. Get flirty with him and you'll get his collection of breeding videos txtd over too :)

  3. Overrated bitchy cunt.. he is not all that to be the HBIC of any company..seen better looking guys in WeHo with bigger and toned bodies.


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