When Rehab Donations Turn Ugly - Chi Chi LaRue Edition [UPDATED]

So apparently, alegedly, rumor has it, DJ Chi Chi LaRue was back in the "club" again after getting all her close friends, Twitter regulars and other self-fufilling egomaniacs to donate to her pity party for her alleged drug abuse to send her ass to REHAB.

Trevor Knight, whoever the hell that is, is one donater that wishes he didn't! Since the apparent club relapse and calling Chi Chi on what he believes is BULLSHIT. Chi Chi has blocked Trevor from even viewing her tweets!

Story developing...

This isn't the first time we have seen the, "Help! I have a drug problem...get me out of here...but I'm broke" scheme!

Doesn't she have a sextoy store? Make money off CR1? Does that make any coin? Or is her name just liscensed? We want more T. 

PS: We love Chi Chi.

Bye bitches.

UPDATE: We spoke with Chi Chi via Twitter and SHE claims she did put the donation dollars towards rehab. However, the GoFundMe was not set up by himself, it was done by a friend.

Case closed.

Now Who Or What is a Trevor Knight?!

Dildo Diva


  1. Brandon Wilde will fight for her side that she works as a dj and she is still sober.

    WRONG, she is out doing coke and drinking with the money we donated. The whole porn industry as had it with her!! she is a fraud, a drug addict loser.

    Who things she is tough shit but just an old hag

    1. oh please... like you would know.. even if she did fall off the wagon.. sobriety doesn't happen over night... if you gave money you helped that person in that moment.. she may struggle for years before she gets sober... money won't change the problem and crying over spilled milk only makes you sound like a whinny fag who is jealous for some reason.. get your own coke money and mind your business

  2. Trick & Treat... BITCHES

  3. This dumb cuntard put something in my drink when I visted her one bedroom condo. She rapped me with her little wilted penis. Weeks later my anus had an STD. God-DAMN, did it itch! Felt like a swarm of ants was making its way up and down my crack. Fighting to keep from jamming my hand down there and scratching away, I rushed back to the clinic on San Vicente.

  4. Well, the queens were saying the 50K that was needed was for her first and last and deposit in the new store. She was at home in Minisota not even in rehab...He is a nice guy but ...what about all these rumors?

  5. Sober Rocks and Chi Chi rocks it in style helping others now! Go girl go! WEHO loves you!

  6. This site has gotten so lame. I miss the glory days when the messes were called out daily. Even if you don't have any gossip on someone, just throw their name out there and make something out. Fake gossip is so much better than no gossip at all.

  7. Not the best idea to be at a club so soon after treatment, but is sightings of her drinking or drugging or was she just drinking soda?


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