Roommate Wanted:

Daddy is looking for the ultimate roommate.

He is between 20 and 25 self sufficient employed, psychologically and emotionally submissive, obedient.

Must be in excellent physical condition, toned, slender, very lean, nice muscle definition, very very smooth with fair skin and a small tight waist.

I will take over ownership of your body and your mind when you are not at work and when you are home you will be virtually naked at all times and I will remove all your body hair, reducing you to a hairless full service Bitch/Whore.

What could be more erotic and exciting than one or two men coming into your bedroom, putting you into help is bondage and rape you in your own bed. Prefer loner type roommate needs to be controlled and dominant during his free time.

Daddy is requiring that you send photos of your lean tight body as well as your age your height your weight the general location and the general location of where you work do not be specific.

Eventually you will get used to the idea of being naked and having a multitude of men take temporary position and ownership of your body and fuck you like a cheap whore only to leave and let another man take his place.

I tend to keep you very busy evenings and even more so on weekends.

Email daddy to apply:



  1. I think Daddy meant "take possession" not "position".
    This twink will pass on the offer.

  2. Think daddy sounds cheap AF. "Fully employed?" and you get to treat the boy like a whore? Only if you're coughing up the doe! This is WeHo bitch, you gotta pay.


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