Andrew Christian
November 6, 2015

Dreamgirls Leave RAGE

The Dreamgirls Revue is proud to announce their new Tuesday Night venue at Hamburger Marys WEHO premiering November 17th at 10PM FEATURING Delta Work, Detox Icunt, Fontasia L'Amour, Dolly Levi and Chad Michaels!


See you there Dreamers!!!!



  1. What happned at the Rage?

  2. Doesn't Laurie Blitz own Rage?

  3. Doesn't she spell it R-A-J-A?

  4. Ingenue is staying at The Rage. She/he told them DREeeeeeMMMMMMM girls to go fuck themselves and handed them EACH of thier pay checks on tuesday nite- OUT side the front door after they got all thier shit and wigs together and told them DONT come back! She read them to filth!

  5. Well, um Jasmine Masters will remain at Rage! Butt will be a Dream Girl in SD!! What on God's green earth is going with this show?! Now I heard Ingenue is in charge and cracking the whip!! Cake Moss will be the Lead Dream Girl at the Rage. I heard they are calling it Dream Ladies!

  6. Chad Michaels is furious at all this

  7. I just heard that Samantha Star got offered to manage the new Dream Ladies at the Rage and Ingenue was told to step down to do just hosting during intermission. Also there is talk about bringing in Lydia Prim in as the resident dj for the night !

  8. Cake Moss was running arouns Mickys telling everyone she is doing the booking at Rage now!! Samantha was standing near by and wasing hearing ANY of it and tossed her hair in Cakes face saying "I'm doing all the bookings. Get that straight! Star is my last name for a reason!" The shade !

  9. Tony Moore who was fired from Mickys last momf just chimed in in FB saying "drag shows need to be run by drag queens" He read Salvadoor to filth child yess..... Tony was on the patio tonite reading Salvadoor to the filth child!! Hell yes!

  10. Oh no I just heard that Tony Moore is at the Bar Ten and will be hosting an all black gospel drag revue on Fridays with Deliah Lamont!!
    Which will be called Black Tuesday instead of Black Fridays to coincide with the holiday shoppers!

    Also just in is the Bayoo is doing a drag revue on wends day called Nude Orleans Ladys ! Where they will Bayou a DRINK if YOU come in drag!

    Also Showtime across the street is setting up a stage to have a drag show on Sunday and Skinnny Kitchen next door will be providing food!

    Canis Cane just announced on her Twiiiter feed that she will be performing at the Gold coast till Cooleys opens up!!!!!

    There is so much drag gossip this week!

  11. oh crap- - Samantha did read Cake !! Put her in her place tonite on the patio at Mickys!

  12. No on fucking cares about drag. A bunch of clowns in their mommy's shoes!!!


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