Bryan Singer's Twink Compound listed on Judgmental WeHo Map

Lady ..... this map is highlarious! Whoever made it needs ti be cum-ended!

We can't stop laughing at it to be honest. We love this... from Bar Addicts to towed cars this map gets it right!! And of course the infamous Bryan Singer Twink Compound makes the cut!! How could it not? And speaking of Bryan Singer has anyone seen his baby or is that kid the new "Blanket"? Inquiring minds would like to know... everything! 



  1. In 2033 Bryan will be 'wooing" his kids friends from school.

  2. lol Perverted Asian doctor!!!! whooooo could that be??!!

  3. Incomplete map.

    Where is the poppers store? American Apparel sweatshop? and Andrew Christian design studio? (next to Andrew Christian casting couch)

  4. you can't even rotate the map the correct way??? JESUS.


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