Andrew Christian
October 7, 2015

Naked: Abortion Video Editor is Gay

Ryan Gonzalez
The gay man who allegedly spent 11 months editing abortion footage to mislead the public and fuel Republican rhetoric resides in Orange County & apparently has no qulams about putting his cock in a sock for social media purposes.

What's that? How do we know he's gay? Because he has 103 friends in common with mega homo Scottland Beavers & he sucks.
That is all...


PS - We'd bend over if he takes the sock off! 


  1. 24 Hour Fitness Towl BoyOctober 7, 2015 at 6:51 PM

    Who the fuck cares.

    where is the crystal meth?

    where is the cum farts that seep out of Pablo Hernandez daily at 24 hour fitness (i must admit its fucking HOTT when he does it during squats, also he made a video that I helped record.)

    Where is the inviation for the WeHo Confidential Awards Oct 30 at fubar?

    Who is going to be best dressed on the Metro, (Number 2) santa monica bus that night?

    ALSO lets POST about Marke Miller, he talks massive shit how you guys "cannot blog about him" and he is next level.

    Well Gues what Marke MIller, STOP freeloading at DJ ryan kennys place and Fred and Hallloweenie what ever the fuck that is, BUY ur own fucking tickets, RENT your own hotel and stop living off weho poeple in exchange for anal sex.

    Marke, you are an ugly little bitch whos mother looks like she has down sydrome i hope you dye a vile dealth you ugly fuck. and your boyfriend looks like a big nose aids victim.

    Carry on! 11/1/2015 the true winners will be shown on here. ya hurd?

    1. It needed to be said! Good (Towl) boy for being the one to do it. Princess Mark E. and his precious pup boy bend over backwards literally to make sure they're always seen as squeaky clean pristine butted homos which they might sometimes be in whatever boring middle amurica hellhole they come from, but both those boys like to get their ratchet fag on hard whenever they land in WeHo, that last bits not so confidential for anyone whose bumped bootys with user Mark E Miller and his schnozztastic pup boy, whatever the fuck his name be.

  2. I'm so glad this vapid, messy, smelly drunk got called out. You need to have your gay card revoked when you spread a war on women.

  3. What gives this lying scum the idea that he should have the right to tell a woman he does not even know what to do with her body? HE should have his gay card revoked because he is too pathetic to be a member of the gay community!


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