Would You Rather

Makeout with Manny Patel OR Lick Joe Hollywood's asshole? Death is not a valid option...

Leave your commitment in the comments ! 

Bethany Bacteria 


  1. How does joe know the new trade jody Stewart????

  2. Joe. Many is gross

  3. Manny is such a nice guy. Plus, he's been working so hard on getting healthy and NOT BEING A MESS. I'm so proud of his ongoing transformation.
    Even though Joe is more my type, he's a mess and a gossip. He's also looking worse and worse by the day. I don't want drug addicts gossip, and needy attention whores. Honestly, i dont know Joe as he's not the type I like to hang out with. He may be a nice guy, but messiness and apparently going further and further downhill outweigh this. Joe actually seems to have some talent and potential to advance (not that Manny doesn't). He just needs to grow up and work on self-improvement instead of showing the world and bragging about just how messy he is.

    Even though this site has a history of glorifying drug use, drugs are bad. I've never done any drugs that weren't prescribed to me and are federally legal and I definitely believe that using in moderation can be fine, but this kids legal and illegal drug use are definitely not in moderation.
    #PartySafe people.

    1. Joe doesnt use drugs, he has skitzophrenia. stop spreading rumaors

    2. ^He takes Antipsychosis pills, but they aren't work so it appears he is on drugs.

  4. Joe Ho is in Rome this week. At first I thought he was just gonna lay low and take an absence from social media or go to The Olive Garden. I guess he's Joe Roma until he gets back. But girl. If he parTies hardy to hard in Miami / Ft Laudy imagine what's gonna go down in Italy. The drugs are harder there, the strains of HIV are different, oh and the alcohol too is harder than in the U.S.A. One wrong move and he'll be dead! So all I can say is wrap it fucker and watch what you drink and your drink.

  5. Manny is serving Mayhem Miller realness

  6. Joe and Kody do drugs together. However, this druggie buddy friendship won't last.

  7. Can I lick Reah Litre's corns instead?


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