Willam Delivers Final Blow to Azealia Banks & Her Career

Ohhh hunny.... all types of shade going on right here!


If you haven't heard by now the struggling artist known as Azealia Banks went ape shit on a flight attendant this week after she tried pushing her way off of a flight that landed in LAX. When the wannabe diva was given the "hand" gesture to chill the FUCK OUT she went ballistic and began calling the attendant a fucking faggot!!! 

Willam Belli decided to deliver the final blow or should we say a "Willam BeatDown" via twitter...

Gays every where began chiming in saying they could names 3 of Willam's song but couldn't really recall one of Azealia's hits. We'd like to ad that Willam is television star, a winner of the WeHo Confidential Awards & an international pinup girl for American Apparel.

Can someone please tell us what Azealia has ever done, ever??



  1. Ya hope to see everyone Oct 30 at Fubar for the awards!!

  2. You mean the broke ones who can't afford to go to Halloweenie? And who the f goes to fubar anyway?

  3. Traveled for Nyc to see LJ!September 24, 2015 at 3:16 PM

    Fred and Jason the host of hallowenski. Stop posting ur comments ur IP shoes it's u two AIDS faggots. No one is going to ur party all the way in ghetto downtown. Not to mention Luke Nero will be there and his Aussie anal stench is horrid. We will all be at Fubar Friday for Lucas s event and the pop up Weho awards u dumb tard.

  4. I'm sorry but she is still a good artist and has also got her fame from natural skill and talent on her own, not by exploiting others to disguise their lack of any real talent. It's not like no one has ever called someone something derogatory when they are pissed, or you all are Angels? Anyway, from the tweets it looked more like Willam getting burned.

    Oh and its trashy to call other people on their shit when their own shit isn't even together. At least Azaelias music is original material including the score not silly jokes written onto something already popular while high.... Just saying.



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