Who Or What Is A Candy Ken?

Seriously, what the fuck is this...he goes by "Candy Ken". Something fucked here.

@CandyKen69 on Twitter 
@CandyKen69 on Instagram 

(Someone please investigate this Brooke Candy wannabe ASAP) 

Leave your dirty findings in the comments!

Black Barbie


  1. This old slut used to hook out at the Buffalo bar in Las Vegas. One nite he did the humpty dance in th ebathroom after hours with 3 patrons gave two of them the clap and one of them anal warts. He alsoo had slight case of diarrhea that nite. This very expired twink needs to retire with that 44 year old mathhew lush...these tired queens come n2 town like they is new!! They aint!

  2. Have you seen his gapping maw? His asshole matches his breath they both smell like seweage from Harriet Tubs mans asshole after traveling from the unda ground rail road for 3 weeks straight!

  3. Lmao this tea is sad. You tired queens need to do better web searches. He's an Austrian model and wannabe MC a la riff raff. He's cute and hung. Likes to spread positive (read not poz) vibes. His music sucks but his personality is gold. Sexuality is presumably straight, but who knows considering he is very playful with his bro on YouTube but then again Europeans aren't as sexually repressed.

  4. Also, I loathe how judgmentally cunty the "article" is. Calling him a "what" and "fucked." Can you faggoids be less leading when looking for tea?


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