Fairy Drag Mother Allusia Spills the T on PrEP:

What would your fairy drag mother do? Get tested..

xoxo GG


  1. barback, and not telling my name hehe know all of u in personSeptember 29, 2015 at 8:53 PM

    Ew Laura Lux, aka big nose, stank fish pussy needs to pack her bags up and go back to the land down under.

    We don't need her or anyone like Luke Nero in this community.

    PS, report to FBI.gov about Laura Lux, she doesn't have a working visit, and also she is doing TAX fraud when she dj's. She is not claiming her money she is making because she legally cannot. Hire her! I dare you do, cause ABC will be called. and FBI.

    Ps talk shit about my boy one more time when your out and imma smack you, you dirty hoe.

    PS casey, you have over plucked eyebrows, an ass that is dirty when fucked, weird hair, and a hooker. please hang yourself. no one likes you go back to sd.

    1. ^Wow so true and those are facts in that comment

      And also Allusia is right! Prevent Lauras and Caseys HPV from spreading, that causes cancer.

      Oh and you guys dont have HPV? Well then prove it ya fucking slut, 1/3 people have hpv and you have it spreading cancer to all these innocent popele in weho. ya dirty hoes

    2. You sound pressed about Ms. Lux... Sounds... Personal.

      And you know you're not going to do anything to Lux for fear of the 1565657 bottoms she carries around scratching your eyes out.

  2. Laura is a theif, dont leave your iPhone on the here lounge table and turn to talk to someone, it dissappears right into her purse.

    never trust an aussie, never.


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