BREAKING: Murray Swanby Has A Fan



Black Swan


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    1. he is a poz coke whore who things he is famous cause he runs the hostess at the abbey

      lol his job is sitting people at a table

  2. Who Is this guy? Writer, doctor, teacher, agent, actor, interior designer, florist, lawyer, an assistant for a top talent agency, producer etc etc? Is he just one of those Weho types that lives a delusional life in cyberspace 24/7 on Wastebook, Twitter, Vineo, Instragram?? etc I've lived here for 15yrs and never heard of him. Why is he holding a fan to?

  3. Who is this guy and why is he holding a fan? Is he a writer, doctor, lawyer, a manager, an asst for a talent agent, a producer, works in production, florist, or a interior designer? etc. Or is he just one of those delusional weho types that live a delusional life in cyberspace 24/7-on Wastebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vineo, and Instragram? I've lived here for 14yrs and never heard of him.

  4. LITERALLY, lmfao, literally - hoe rachel zoe

  5. He has over 254 k followers on IG , his pictures are terribly Photoshopped .. he is so small in person.

  6. But he is still broke as a joke! Does he use that fan when he is waiting in line for his Unemployment Check, those gov't blds are HOT!!


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