Andrew Cristian Wants To Get Into Go-Go Boy's Pants ! ! !


Huniiii we are getting so close to having our dreams come true with the recent 13 thousand dolla tip from Andrew Cristian!!! Have you tipped your local Go-Go Boy recently? 

Hopefully we'll be seeing our boys in this now:

Did we mention you can now win a date with Scott Evans
Auction away huntieees. CLICK HERE!!!

FYI He's Captain America's brother... Good lord hold us back!

Maybe you'll even get to meet his HOT brother Chris on the date? ahhhhhhh! **control your boy pussy queen! CONTROL IT!!!**

We're routing for you Jimmy boy! Hope you make the rest of those coins gurl!

Dildona Trump


  1. Can I have Chris and pass on Scott? If not Scott will do!

    1. You want to pass on SCOTT? You're a stupid HOE!

      I'll take both

    2. How sad, 45 year old men that have to turn to youtube because they cannot get on actual television.

      How pathetic.

    3. Scott Evans is good-looking but he is so feminine, he sounds like a fag when he talks. its such a turn off. that's why he doesn't book any of his auditions

  2. What if we make a petition to get Calvin Klein to fund it and we replace Jimmy with Justin Bieber!!!

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