Andrew Christian

HOT NEW TRADE: Kody Stewart

Finally a god damn fucking twink arrives! We've been waiting for new trade like this like the new iPhone!

Kody Stewart is the only thing you should be wanting to get to know at the moment. He's an authentic twink who's not shy and knows his worth. 

Although he is probably cheaper than a Hot Dog at Costco, we'd still bang the fuck out of this creamy twink anyday! 

It won't be long till he's washed up at an after hours or signing his hole over to a Splenda Daddy ( a cheaper Sugar Daddy) but we will be there waiting! 

Lol in all honesty, FUCK. Kody, you're perfect baby.

Dyson Dicks


  1. He does porn and dates another porn actor. He's not fresh, new or undiscovered.


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