EXCLUSIVE: WeHo Confidential Interviews BibleGirl666

We interviewed BibleGirl666, the internet drag phenomenon from NYC now infecting the world like a virus! A Self proclaimed bridge and tunnel drag with no soul!

This falsaine, popped up on everyone's radar the past few months and nobody knew if she was serious or seriously mental. Turns out she's both but she knows her shit!

Listen below to our EXCLUSIVE phone interview with BG666 as she opens her bible on her life, UGLY drag queens, and her successful merch company, "Drag Queen Merch". She also loves Courtney Stodden which was a fun fact we didn't know!

BG666 also dishes on who'd she KILL, FUCK, MARRY and a whole lot of sassy shade! Also, we got some info on the bitches album titled, "TRIGGERED".

She's an internet drag troll. And just like that, a legend is born bitches!

No get back to "taping crayons to your forehead"...LOL


WeHo Confidential


  1. Nobody cares, obvi.

  2. She's a fucking joke

  3. A joke!
    Or listen
    We want to know who is getting evicted, or is POZ, or is taking bareback loads, or smoking the Tina!

  4. WHO?? She looks busted. And BORRRING!


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