Candis Cayne Gets Another 15 Minutes

Legendary transgender actress Candis Cayne, as many of you know, has been "seeing" Caitlyn Jenner for some time now.

Well, she's now appeared on I Am Cait. And no FREE work, this bitch is getting serious cash $$$. We can't disclose the info but it's substantial! She is SAG/AFTRA and diamonds don't pay for themselves!

And we have to say, bravo baby! You look amazing and deserve the attention! We will wind up your timer for another 15 minutes bitch BECAUSE you are a STAR!

Just last year, Candis was ripping tickets at the door of Rasputin (a failed nightclub) getting paid an "appearance fee", which by Luke Nero's standards is allegedly around $20 and a drink ticket! HA! Well looks like she made it back to the A List bitches!

Next time a CLUB wants Candis Cayne, you WILL pay her RENT you fucking scumbag. And let this be a lesson, don't ever write off someone as docile and friendly as Candis because she never forgets and you will be FORGOTTEN!


Now all you doubters can go back to working in retail while Candis drives around in Malibu in her Maserati! 

Lesbihonest, the ULTIMATE revenge right now is being friends with Caitlyn Jenner.

*mic drop*

Enjoy your TV dinners!

Candy Cayne 


  1. who is she? and why does she have a password to this website?

  2. Candice needs to ride the $100 million Jenner train until the damn wheels come off!

  3. I Think she looks lovely, and seems fun.

  4. Candis looks simply divine, carries herself with dignity and is genuinely down to earth. She deserves all the success and financial security she can get either directly or indirectly from her status as an extra special Friend of Jenner. Hopefully, some of Candis' loveliness as a human being will rub off on conservative, cunty Cait because if this bitch doesn't slow her offensive roll and realize that making her transformation so public needs to be 80% about the GLBT cause and 20% about her personally, then the good will and positivity she's received thus far will soon turn into a disgusted backlash. Personally, I'm not confident Cait will ever get it.

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