Andrew Christian
August 27, 2015

Cake Moss On Periscope Showing Her Vagina

Muppet Baby and Seaweed Drag, Kale Moss...(Aka Cake Moss) is currently on Periscope showing her vagina after consenting to our request.

Go follow that ho as she doesn't have anything to lose! The bitch was painted like the ball pit at Chucky Cheeses!

Roberto Cumonmie


  1. Food stamps in LA County is only 160$ for the homeless. How can this thing keep gaining weight with only 160$ a month? I am so confused how she is fat, but yet weekly gets fatter. Those elephant thighs are embarrassing! I had to leave micky's last week it was terrible.

    1. @10:35 Graceffe, the child molesting youtube "star". Your book was on 80% discount at Target at the WeHo Target. Cake Moss is GOD. And guess what it was kinda of funny that the id you had was expired and they wouldn't even LET you into micky's last week. I saw the whole thing from the patio. You are a faggot.


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