Andrew Christian
July 24, 2015

These boys are waiting!!

The hottest guys ... The best times.. And  the drinks that get you wasted... 

Every Friday at Fubar.... Them booties be bumpin while the crowd is jumpin... Lucas John on the mic SO you know he's gonna SAY somethin! 

Damn... baby got back! This week you'll find the hottest white boys in America shaking what their mamas gave 'em & whatever else they can. Lucas is back in the house after a month abroad along with his DJ partner in crime Josh Peace!

Tell the homies whatsup .... 'cause your favorite gay watering hole is about to go insane! 

 * $5 Fireballs 
* No Cover 10-2a 
* 6 GoGo Boys 
 * No Rules 
 * Cheap / Strong Booze 

 7994 Santa Monica Blvd.



  1. Abroad? Stepping out the city limits of West Hollywood is not abroad.

  2. It is to most of these whores!
    They probably think Nevada is a whole other country!

  3. Aw sad when you see people calling themselves models on social media and then they're up here advertised as dancers for dollar bills at a dive bar.

    1. Hunty, they ALL call themselves "models" these days.
      Escorts, dick dancers, porn actors who take it minus the condim...they ALL fancy themselves "models".

  4. NO ONE cares about these whores!
    It's time to PNP!


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