Gay Marriage Is Legal Nationwide #FAGMOB

Now that you got what you wanted you can complain you wanna be different again. Merry fucking Christmas you can now legally get divorsed too. Everything is meaningless. 

Your cause is a fraud. Now all these NOH8 crooks can finally be done with the their fairytale charities. Fuck everyone. Today just goes to show how we all walked into the trap of social control like pigs getting slaughtered.

Oh speaking of pigs...nvm we'll post something else about that later. Enjoy your false victory and go get married to fuel the economy. Oh too real for your alligator tears? Thought so.

UPDATE: When the fuck is Flamming Saddles closing?! Now THAT will be something to celebrate!

Cheap Hooker


  1. If anyone is looking to make a career change, now is the time to become a divorce attorney as court filings will be through the roof a year from now. All these gays rushing to the altar without giving second thought to the consequences of their cheating, open relationships, etc. just so they can achieve another status symbol on their social media pages. Look out! Now your new "husband" can legally take you to the cleaners after he catches you in bed with some trick. Get your wallets open!

  2. What a bitter couple of losers. There are some couples in long term serious relationships who want to get married and will have great marriages. The ones, like the ones who have commented, that are bitter nasty people need to stay single anyway.

  3. Sounds to me like Cheap Hooker is fresh out of Tina!
    No wonder she's so bitter, no one will marry her or EVEN PNP with her because she's all out.
    Poor thing.
    Better get your ass on the blvd. and start making some coins so you can get some more!
    Mother Meth

  4. None of you get it. We dont care. We wanna talk about T cells who has em who doesnt and how many. We want a post about where we can vote on how many T cells murray or topher has or how many joe hollywood has or how many miss downtown melissa brown will have or how long will it takes those who already w the gift to go down to 200 t's which aids baby.

    1. Yes, hunties!
      We need to get back to how the OLD Wehoconfidential was, when we got to WARN the community about:
      1. Who is POZ.
      2. Who has ANAL WARTS
      3. Who's taking loads at after parties
      4. Who has sex ads/escort ads online
      5. Who is smoking/slamming the T or the coke-lina
      6. What the featured person's asshole tastes like


    2. Yes, claiming everyone in west hollywood has AIDS and anal warts is original & hilarious.
      You are a waste of space. Try being funny, clever or insightful.

    3. Well, don't they?
      Sure seems like it to me.
      Why else was this the Commint of the Week?
      You're the stupid mongoloid retarded FUCKTARD!

  5. They streets are dead. Please pray our wehovians in sf for pride make it back alive sans AIDS. knows we dont need no epidemics spreading here.

    1. Spreading here?
      Hunty, they done spread a LONG time ago!
      About the time Mother Meth made her appearance on the scene!

  6. Sf francisco pride = rice pride.
    Disco disco chino chino fino filipino

  7. This is the most pathetic thing I've ever read.
    Clearly you have no respect, self worth or spell check.
    The only good thing about you being gay is you can't accidentally reproduce.

    Yesterday's Supreme Court decision is the biggest civil rights event you'll see in your lifetime. We achieved equality & acceptance. This accomplishment was years in the making. Millions of people fighting. Millions of dollars donated and spent. Fierce political debates and elections. Scores of organizations battling so you can be treated equally.

    Does your low IQ prevent you from understanding these things?

    Since you have no respect or appreciation, I recommend you move to a country where being gay is punishable by DEATH.
    You don't deserve to be treated equal. You're not even human.

    1. It IS kinda sad they can't spell "divorce".

    2. @9:26 she should argue that shit on the message board.

    3. Clearly the author has the education and intellectual levels of a 9 year old inbred child from Mississippi.
      Equality is a fraud -- pure brilliance.
      And the pigs getting slaughtered analogy makes no sense whatsoever. (Unless I missed the story about the Supreme Court killing gays.)

  8. Bitch we never said we could speall. We never had acvessss to shoool.


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