Where 2 Be: Sunday May 3rd! Brandon Bailey's Book Signing and Fashion Event at our Favorite Space in Hollywood. Art Hearts Fashion Boutique

If you don't have plans this weekend, Start Your Sunday Funday at the Art Hearts Fashion Boutique at Hollywood and Highland! Brandon Bailey is in town for his book signing! Red Carpet starts at 6pm and there are free drinks! Our favorite Designer Mister Triple X will be giving away swag too!

If you haven't checked out this event space / fun house / showroom at Hollywood and Highland then you are missing out! Our last visit to the store was a blast and was packed with hot models, and our favorite crazy celebrities. Show up at 6pm Promptly before the free drinks run out! There will also be a cool art exhibit by our favorite artists Sham Pop (Sham Ibrahim) Josef Jasso, and Eugene Huffman.
No need to RSVP, just tell them Neo Sent you!

If your not familiar with Brandon Bailey, he is one of the cutest male models around and has worked with all the major brands. He is currently one of the new faces of Mister Triple X. If you havn't heard Mister Triple X will now be a headlining designer at Miami Swim Week This July! We hear a few of the other Mister Triple X models will be around looking super sexy as usual. Eye Candy For All! We Love You XXX!!!!!
The Art Hearts Fashion Boutique is located at Hollywood and Highland
2nd Floor across from SWEET! Hollywood
Next Door to the Chinese Theatre!

Soju B.


  1. Who or what is a Brandon Bailey?

    1. Google him. Looks like some super fem 30 yr old twink.

    2. ^^^Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

  2. I heard he and manny Patel sniffed saffron and fucked him without a condim then He started smoking rice rolled in seaweed wrap and then he fucked him without a condim then Allusia showed up with her tacky imitation of wheel of tranny and pulled her left nutsack out and demanded a cover charge

    1. Child, they were sniffing A HELLUVA lot more than saffron!
      Try coke-lina!
      And then good ol' Tina made her presence known!

  3. He is Jonathan chang

    1. What is that?
      Sounds like a fat has been Asian one stroke away from a rest home.


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