The Man Beast is Back - Friday Night Only:

This larger than life cornfed mama's boy is back in town & this time he's not leaving without you! It's been a long time since you've been to Fubar....
So we'll break it down for you.

Get two on... & sometimes 3 or 4. Every Friday at Fubar you can do whoever of whatever you want!

Hosted by Cake Moss, the teen queen of the LA drag scene  WeHo's royal punk ass Lucas John. 

 Dj Josh Peace lays down the tracks that make your booty bounce. The Friday night party where hot guys with jobs come to get their drank on away from the pretentious WeHo scene. Ben Phen w/ LAG VINTAGE will be in the house with some awesome summer threads that you can't get anywhere else, don't be a clone. 

* No Cover all night 
* GoGo Bros 
* $5 Fireballs 
* No Security 

Shake your ass in the booty shaking contest & you could win a cool prize... like an industrial anal douche from 665 Leather. 

Party from 10-2a. 

7994 Santa Monica Blvd.



  1. They made sure to lock up the liquor!
    Guess they didn't want the corn fed boy to drink it all up!

  2. If I wasn't promo-ing for BFF you know I'd be there ;) <3

  3. I hope Manny Patel and Jonathan Chang are there! PAaaaaaaarty in the USA!! )Consulate)

    1. JonaTON Chang must have a hole in his septum as big as a manhole cover by now, considering how much coke he's hoovered up.
      And Manny Patel's teeth are now official as yellow as a school bus!

    2. JonaTON Chang once pulled out one of his nipple hairs and flossed his teeth then dipped it in his champagne and started fanning himself and said "Fanning the flames of my faggotry!" Brava genius!!

    3. No security = bjs and bareback cum dumps in the bathroom

    4. @10:04
      That may be one of the most quintessentially disgusting things I've ever read!
      I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
      Or a lot!

    5. You're loving it miss Cleo...don't lie! You have the itchy crabs for one miss jonaTON Chang and bobby trendy! Asian persuasion and fortune cookie realness!!! Ching chong!!

    6. Hunty, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't do Asians.
      They all look tired to me.
      Not to mention the microscopic peens.
      Not to mention the fact I have no fucking idea who JonaTON Chang (whatever that fuck that is)....IS!

  4. I had a dream I sucked off Steve Cardenas and he creamed in my mouth!

  5. Shut up Sigourney!

  6. Anyone got any T on Saeed Wahab? She's a indian drag queen. Who moved to WeHo a two years ago.

    1. Sounds like one of my relatives!
      Are her teeth as yellow as mine?

  7. Who has T? Im talking gossip

    1. No, hunty, you're talking TINA!
      Just call your local T Man and he'll hook you up.
      I hear DeAndre is offering a free glass dick with every 8 ball purchased.

  8. What's the man beast's name?


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