Summer Travel: The World's Best Nude Beaches!

A lot of us only really know about nude beaches in the context of celebrity sightings and random fantasies. We know that certain celebrities frequent these remote and exclusive beaches, probably because the whole point of them is to encourage the sort of physical freedom and carefree spirit that celebrities often have to downplay in their everyday lives. I'll put it this way: if Beyoncé wears a dress that happens to show some serious cleavage or side-boob, her not-even-naked body is going to make headlines. But if she takes off to a private nude beach, she can bare all without a care in the world.

Of course, Planet Earth's obsession with celebrities (and, you know, seeing them nude) ultimately means that even private nude beaches aren't safe from cameras. So, if you want to be a perv about it (and come on, you probably do), the Topless Beach Celebs Tumblr has a pretty thorough rundown of recent celebrity sightings at nude beaches—Amber Rose in Maui this March, Miley Cyrus in Hawaii in January, etc. And yeah, most of the celebrities are those of the female variety, because topless guys don't exactly make headlines. That said, there are often extremely good-looking men hanging around famous nude women on private beaches. Go figure...

At any rate, all this is to say: nude beaches, even aside from the potential for celebrity sightings, can be a hell of a lot of fun. Being naked outside is one of the most oddly liberating and enjoyable activities we can possibly think of, and with the summer months just ahead, now is a pretty good time to give some thought to a nude beach visit. So, you know where this is headed: here's a look at four particularly awesome nude beaches to put on your summer travel list.

Valalta - Rovinj, Croatia

Croatia seems to be one of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet these days. It's probably in part because a good chunk of Game Of Thrones is filmed there, and as soon as people found that out, they realized Croatia is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Well, it also has one of the coolest nude beaches of all time. I'll refer you to Thrillist's countdown of the world's best nude beaches, which describes Valalta as a two-mile stretch of coastline complete with a pool (with its own swim-up bar and water slide) and its own independent brewery. Bonus: the beach also has nearby shade, which as Thrillest poetically notes, helps to "keep your chestnuts from roasting."

Plage de Tahiti - St. Tropez, France

Another selection we borrowed from the Thrillist list, Plage de Tahiti is a famous nude beach that's been around (as in, actively used as a nude beach) for over 50 years. A lot of us think first of France and Spain anyway when we imagine nude beaches (thanks, Eurotrip), so why not work in a visit to one of the most iconic French nude destinations in existence? Here's another interesting factor with Plage de Tahiti: celebrity sightings are so regular that it's commonly recommended for visitors to leave their cameras at home!

Sandy Bay - Cape Town, South Africa

Despite its extraordinarily unoriginal name, Sandy Bay is a very unique beach. It's also one that an Adam & Eve list of the best nude beaches points to as a great southern hemisphere option. To be clear, that means it's best to visit during what we think of as winter through spring, rather than ordinary summer months. But once you're there, it's basically heaven for a nude sunbather. A&E notes that nudity isn't actually legally protected there (just accepted), but describes it as a "tiny secluded haven." That's pretty appealing even as a break from the crowds of Cape Town (if you happen to be vacationing there). Besides that, the fact that nudity isn't technically legal adds a little bit of a thrill.

San Gregorio Beach - San Gregorio, California

For a more accessible option, there's good old San Gregorio, a little town near San Francisco with a famously beautiful stretch of beach. Traveler's Digest actually claims that this is the oldest public nude beach in the United States, and that in itself makes it intriguing for anyone with a particular interest in nude tourism. Here's another tip from Traveler's Digest: generally speaking, on this beach, the straight go south and the gay go north. Good to know!



  1. Some of the nude beaches in Europe though are full of fat, naked men (and women). If you can overlook that, then go for it!

  2. But what is the best nude beach to smoke Tina on?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. Most nudists are disgusting.


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