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Andrew Christian

Shake Shack to take over old Koo Koo Roo

Looks like the old Koo Koo Roo is going to be home to Shake Shack.
To be honest we would've loved to see an IN-N-OUT in the old Koo Koo Roo space but traffic would be an absolute nightmare. This seems like a more sensible approach for the space & we can't wait to go there after a night of poppers & dick binging to stuff our faces with their meat.



  1. Great, just what WeHo needs.
    More fatasses who eat cheeseburgers and wash 'em down with a 1,000 calorie SHAKE!

    1. Listen Nigger yull be there cleaning so be happy you have a job!

    2. Think again, hunty!
      That's why I have maids!

  2. WeHo needs less Cleos who bitch about anything and everything and contribute to nothing but the bad reputation of WeHo queens

    1. its jeffrey hawkins.

      and damn, his fat mother I'm sure won't tip and will be first in line at this joint

    2. How does Jeffrey pay his rent? Doe he and his roomate hook still?

    3. SOME people LIKE seeing some HUMOR on these commints.
      Not stupid shit by dried up QUEENS like you!

    4. Humor is great! But I've yet to see anything funny or clever here. Misspelling words isn't comedy, nor is it interesting or entertaining.

    5. Only if it's on the approved list of words to intentionally misspell:
      1. CONDIM
      2. ARSEHOLE
      3. APARTMINT
      4. COMMINT

  3. Good riddance to Koo Koo Roo and their dried out chicken and flavorless sides. Never once did I have a good meal there!

    1. AMEN, hunty!
      It was gross and way overpriced besides!

    2. It was overpriced, but I liked their food, and it was healthy. My only problem with it was its location; if you lived west of it, it was a bitch to get back home. lol
      It would be cool to buy that revolving winky chicken head on top of the place. It always kind of terrified me and I'd love to put it in my living room.
      KKR RIP

    3. Everyone is discussing Koo Koo Roo like it just shut down.
      It closed in 2013.

    4. Yeah, we know bitch.
      But thanks for that reminder.
      Now let's PNP!!!!

  4. MOST of these Weho BITCHES won't eat there as they are TOO TWEAKED OUT on the TINA to eat a TIC TAC, much less a CHEESEBURGER WITH FRIES!!!!


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