Meet John The Fluffer

Honey, you can forget about Joe the Plummer.. John the Fluffer is an all American/West Hollywood boy... If only he would do his fluffing in the changing room instead of on the gogo box! Catch this punk every Friday at Fubar.

No cover
Cheap Drink & $5 Fireball

Xoxo Neo


  1. Just another go-go boy who will be old news by June.

  2. That has been fucked minus the condim repeatedly!

  3. He does have a cute butt :)

  4. Yes.....excellent butt shot although, it is of his mouth the headline mentions so, I'll assume his skills and or preference are towards a french manor of pleasing his men. And not with his ample buttocks.

    Although, it has been said "one needs both really."

    Stay safe young, submissive homsexual.

    1. Safe?
      Not in THIS town.
      They ALL love it MINUS the condim!
      INCLUDING this one!


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