Everyone is talking About the Pied Pipers:

Holy Horse Cock!

Now that we've gotten your attention... There's a hot new play that just opened at West Hollywood's Matrix Theatre that yours truly had the pleasure of seeing. It's called "The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side," and it's a must see! For many BIG reasons!

"Pipers" is a sexy and smart show about a tribe of hotties living and loving above a vegan restaurant in NYC. It was a HUGE sensation in New York, and we think we know why...

Because it's brilliantly written, effortlessly staged and the actors are all first rate. But back to the cock...

All we'll say...it's worth the price of admission alone! So when your basic friend asks you out to another night at Fiesta, tell them you've got a more sophisticated way of scoring some big dick.

For tickets: www.PiedPipersLA.com; Use special code "WEHO20" for discounted seats!

This is definitely a WeHo Confidential recommend.

Gossup Gurl & Neo


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