These Studs Are Dancing Tonight at Fubar: 03/6/15

JASON - He's UP all night

Quentin is too hot .... but is equally as sweet & friendly.

Johnny will show you a whole new world

Joel is the one you should take home.

Alex is sweeter than cherry pie... find out why.

Chase... ususally let's you catch him

Tonight: Booty Bumpin Fridays @ Fubar 

Free: Shots, Gun Oil & GoGo Bros, OH MY! Come to FUBAR, show the bartender at the back bar your Grindr App & he'll poor ya a shot & give ya lube, courtesy of Lucas John. Ready for some real fun? Meet hot guys with jobs, enjoy dope music & cheap booze all night at FUBAR. NO COVER! 

 7994 Santa Monica Blvd.


  1. Quentin aka straight model Bryce Thompson


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