Sayonara - The Block Party Is Over

What the hell are Pej & Paul Boulon going to do for a job now that they will no longer be cashiers at Larry's "Block Party"? We mean the RENT must be paid... Any who... the store will be closed for good on April 1st... and everything is 50% off!!! 

xoxo IMLAY


  1. Surprised it didn't go under further, considering the overpriced, touristy junk they sold.
    Not to mention the B.O. and "personality" of the one and only Pej!

  2. Every time i went in there I had sex in the drsseing rrom with either one empleyyee or a custumer!! Minus the condim!

  3. ^^^^
    Now that's about all that place was good for, hunty!
    I wish I had!


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