John D'Amico Endorses Heidi Shink in June 2nd Election

Heidi Shink is running in the June 2nd election & she's been endorsed by John D'Amico, WeHo's most beloved council member. Not only is Heidi a staunch democrat with a long history of fighting for LGBT rights she's also against the "Manhattanization' of West Hollywood.

5 Reason we like Heidi: 

1) Heidi has real ideas to get traffic moving again!

2) Heidi's worked to stop McMansions in West Hollywood West & wants to continue that work throughout the city.

3) She has ideas to improve our frustrating parking situation that will make all of our lives a lot more livable.

4) She's family!!! The LGBT community is quickly being priced out of WeHo &; Heidi understands that we need to stick together if we want to keep our little gayborhood around for the next generation which is why she's the only candidate endorsed by Cher! 

5) Heidi wants more dog parks! She knows our pets are our babies in this town.



  1. No. She's very comfortable supporting the Beverly Hills Hotel while the gay community is boycotting that joint. This airhead isn't ready for prime-time.

  2. What a great article. Doesn't mention who else is running or even what position the election is about.


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