Word of the Week: G-HOUSE

A few years ago, a new sub-genre bubbled up from the innovative depths of house music. Dubbed by many in the scene as G-House, or “gangsta house,” it's an umbrella term characterized by the layering of rap/hip-hop hooks or vocal samples over a bassline and groove.

Q) So where can you hear G-House?

A) At Booty Bumpin Fridays in Weho @ Fubar this Friday... it's the Friday night spot where hot guys with jobs come to get their drank on. This Friday Fubar is bringing ya the music that you've been begging for w/ G-House DJ Aaron Monty. 

Besides delivering the hottest GoGo Bros in the southland, they'll be serving you ice cold $5 Fireballs & affordable booze for your dranking pleasure all night. 

No Cover, No Security ... just fun times. All they ask is that you keep your camera off. It's not the zoo.