WeHo's Top 10 Edible Singles On Valentines Day

 Get to shopping for the ring pops hunnaaayyyy and make them count. Below are the edible singles we'd like in our mouths today.

1. Grant

We think she's single. 
I mean the way she throws those Facebook friend request around...

2. Aaron

Ugh dog lover + Sexy as fuck
doggy style please??

3. Scott

She's got herself the 'new it sex app'. Count us in

4. Armi

she's like so... 

5. Arisce

Well who doesn't love a good mystery!


7. Bobby

Yea bro.

8. Austin

I mean. We don't care if those muscles are real or not

Tall, not dark, but damnnn you handsome 

Can we climb you all day and night!! 

- - - -

Let us know how many licks it takes till you get to the center of these... 

Happy Valentines Day! Stay safe and wear the condom.



  1. Condom Condom Condom

  2. 99% of those guys are losers. lol.

  3. The only decent looking one is #9, and even he's not even that attractive. What a tragic list

  4. I love Austin splitters name. He can split me in half anytime

  5. So are there are no black people in WeHo or what?

    1. Have you been there? Then NO. WBO. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

  6. A little more diversity would be nice but consider who complied this list. I wouldn't take it very seriously!

  7. Please. The tall server at Fresh Corn Grill is sexier than all these guys put together.

    1. You are so right!! He's bearded, nice, and over the top hot!

    2. And hes also straight

  8. I like Jonathan but I know him already. I am gonna go with Jesse if I had to pick off of this list. Thankfully the guy I'm dating is way hotter than anyone on here. And I am sure most of these guys are so high on the smell of their own shit they couldn't find a real guy if their lives depended on it.

  9. this is the best weho has to offer? #fail

  10. Melissa Brown


    Misty Violet

    DJ Nando

    Barbies Addiction

    Tranny on a bike


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