DJ Nando Collapses During Gig

Melissa Brown's new party sure lived up to it's name last night. The DJ was so messed up he resembled a dying rat as he twitched around for several minutes before a new song would be played. Silence would fill the air for several moments before another song would be played. All 20 customers ... A few hotties seemed to be enjoying the drama after a while it was funny. 

Things took a tragic turn when Nando passed out in the middle of Fubar ... On the floor!  He had to be the hottest mess we've ever seen! 

Dear LA promoters and bar managers... Never hire this fool.



  1. Blowquandra on Vermont apt 2 bFebruary 17, 2015 at 2:47 PM

    I should have came and sucked him off till his jizz cascaded down my throat like a cheap bottle of economy sized Popov as i slowly fisted his man hole all the while passing gas and making my anus whistle the Andy Grifith theme song!!

  2. Oh Blowquandra, please keep letting Bill Cosby fuck you with his double penis.

  3. It's not really funny to make fun of and laugh at someone's pain and serious issues. Obviously he has a substance abuse problem and to make fun of that is truly evil and unkind. it's a serious matter.

  4. That queen is a f*ing mess. Dressing up in boas and wigs he finds in dumpsters in Vaseline Alley. He should of just stayed in NYC where that ratchet ass belonged. Or take her ass back to the slums of Puerto Rico where her fish sisters and her are from... Poof, be gone wretch.

  5. I mean really... who gets so cracked out on a monday night!! he was probably still on a meth binge from the weekend

  6. Sounds like the most entertaining thing he's done.

  7. @5:17pm
    Gurl, he WAS still on a meth binge from the weekend! Mixed with a bunch of other uppers and downers it's a wonder he was able to stay upright as long as he did!
    Another loser who doesn't know how to use drugs properly.


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