Micky's Showgirl Performer Assaulted: In front of venue. security does nothing!

As we're walking back from bar hopping on tonight's Monday schedule we witnessed a Micky's Showgirl Performer get assaulted by a passers-by and the security on staff did nothing but say, "Once you're on the sidewalk we can't do nothing." 

Really Micky's is that how your security staff takes care of patrons and performers to assist the situation? You should see if your "security" staff is really doing their job to "secure" or if they are just standing there and wasting their time.  




  1. Unfortunately they're required to secure the venue only. Stepping into a sidewalk situation creates a liability for the club & the security personnel. In other words if they got involved it could create a bigger problem for everyone involved. I know it sounds lame but their job is not to get involved in sidewalk drama & doing so could get that person fired.

  2. Instinctively anybody who witnesses someone getting attacked should jump in to help. Whether you're security, a bar patron, or even the person who wrote this article! Help ANY victim to the best of your ability! Be human.

  3. That is some straight-up BULLSHIT! Fuck you Micky's! If you won't help your own showgirls, what the fuck good are you!

  4. Unfortunately I couldn't step in and get my rich white woman face get hurt. I didn't get plastic surgery for nothing. Sorry queenz.

    xoxo Hazel

  5. She probably deserved it.

    1. I can believe this clown! You deserve getting your ass kicked for being such an idiot. Karma is a bitch fool.

    2. Let's meet up at Mickey's.

  6. she was obviously coming out of there on her grandma walker if she lets some non paying sidewalker get a hit in, what did she just finish britneys new femme fatale perfomance and didn't leave that place swinging like a crazy dictator trying to get some chik fil la? she needs to watch her back, and more Britney videos!


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