R-A-N-D-Y Thursday Grand Opening: January 22 at Revolver Video Bar:

Together at last, Lucas John & nightlife buccaneer Rusty Updegraff of "Beige Fame" have finally teamed up to bring us LA locals the RANDY Thursday night party we've all been hankering for. Don't miss out on the Maiden Voyage - Thursday January 22, 2015 !!!

Captain: DJ Josh Peace
First Mate: Brendan Cameron
Dick Docker: Andres Hunt
Long Shoreman: Eric Smith
Wench: Misty Violet
Lost at Sea & Returned: Kyan Loredo (welcome home)

GoGo SeaMen to TBA...

Are you feeling RANDY?

adjective randier, randiest
1. (informal, mainly Brit)
sexually excited or aroused
sexually eager or lustful

Captain DJ Josh Peace will be steering the ship as our ship's crew & lively young gogo seamen scramble to entertain you!

$3 Beers, $5 wells until 10pm & $7 wells 10-2am

Nautical attire is highly encouraged but hardly mandatory.



  1. i was at the opening..congrats rusty and lucas...i hope it is a hit...can anyone tell me the names of the gogo boys that night?

    1. Syph, Gonorrhea, HIV, HPV, HBV, HCV, and Herpes. You can find them all there every night. They're all easy to pick up, especially when you leave the condoms at home!

  2. Just another job Miss Bottom Rusty got fired from. When is going to learn not to drink where you work when you're a fucking drunk.


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