Chase is BACK!!!!

Our favorite little cutie with the booty is back tonight !!
Come give this punk a hard time while he's working the door tonight at Fubar but don't hurt him.

We love to get two on... don't tell em, don't tell em! The hottest party in the world right now just touch down on WeHo town. Josh Peace on the ones & twos giving you life all night, all night!!!! Sexy GoGo boys representing the finest men southern california has to offer. Enjoy $5 fireballs & & $8 cocktails all night long. This is the party that don't stop until everyone's twisted as f_(k!!! 

Sexy GoGos: Tokeyo Peterson, Austin Watie, Devin Walker, Cheekee Basterd and some other bros!

Don't forget to these boys 'cause the one with the least amount of dollars gets FIRED! 
 OH HEY, and no cover! 

 7994 Santa Monica Blvd.


  1. Is he poz? His adam4adam profile says anything goes and no HIV status listed.

    1. Hunty, that's a YES.

    2. what's his A4A?

    3. Bitch stop lying that's my friend and hes not poz and has no A4A you #StupidHOE

  2. If he is on Adam4Adam why don't you message him on there and ask him if its important for you to know.

  3. Can we be educated adults and act like it's 2015?

    1) Condoms
    2) If you're positive you take medicine and become undetectable.
    3) If you're negative you have the option of PrEP.

    Stop acting like it's 1980 and this is a mysterious virus that equals a death sentence. Stop using HIV like it's a put down and know the facts.

    1. Actually it would be about no sooner than 1983 here in the U.S.. The ten years that followed were grim for anyone with HIV.

    2. The only way to stop HIV is to round up all the POZies and quarantine them until the disease takes its course.

      Also, why should we support POZ people who get cheap medicine and use their money to buy crystal. We need to drug test people who get government subsidies, that means you AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

    3. I would much rather my taxes go to POZ gays who might have gotten infected by a cheating boyfriend than to pay for LaTrina's 21 crack babies. With the HIV travel ban lifted stupid POZ from the 3rd world might create resistance to the current drugs because they are too stupid to take pills on time.


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