Another Stabbing in WeHo on Palm Ave.

Two Micky's employees who were walking up Palm Ave. on Monday morning at 1 am were attacked by two men, one was beat up, one stabbed. 

At this time the motive for the attack is unclear because the victims weren't robbed & claim they don't know the suspects. 

One of the two attackers left his cell phone at the scene. None of suspects have been apprehended and they are still out there. At this time we'd like to advise you to stay off the streets at night for the time being & certainly don't walk alone.

Palm Ave was once a safe haven where gays lived happily and in peace but these days it's the epicenter for gruesome crime scenes. 

Neo & GG


  1. Are you dumb? The assulter is Romeo Fink, AKA Topher Dimaggio AKA Toothless Topher (He is missing a bottom tooth)

    Anyways if the shoe fits, he beat the shit out of a girl on Palm ave about a year ago today, and now he strikes again!

    1. oh so thats why he came to the after party with blood on his shirt, he said it was paint from a previous photoshoot. Why that man is a troubled man.

  2. Why stab a micky's employee? You want to get that poz blood all over you?

    1. Thanks for the dumbest thing I have read all day.

  3. Hence the reason I have a CCW and carry a gun on me at all times. I held it to a guys head when he mugged me in downtown until the police arrived, he was so scared he pissed himself.

  4. Tyler Keegan....lets make love with my urine and feces and wrap some christmas presents together then we can play scrabble is that ok wit you?

  5. You people are P A T H E T I C

  6. Someone needs to write a song for Palm Ave which will bring the world together in support… maybe with some of the lyrics being "less murder, more love" or whatever (I'm not a songwriter; just make it like We Are The World) and hopefully it will draw attention to the awful problem we're facing

  7. Less murder, more love (by anonomiss)

    Less murder, more love
    hear the message above
    no matter I say
    just because you are gay
    when you walking up Palm Avenue
    you be mindful of who
    may be following you
    do you hear what I say
    yes I'm talking 'bout you gay
    remember to wear a glove
    not on pens to rub
    but to get away
    with killing stabbed
    who stabs us guys
    no fingerprints for police to find
    attacker dead now your fine
    Less murder, more love
    please don't forget to wear gloves...

    1. @Anonomiss-- that is beautiful! Now we just need to get some big names to record it, then make a video which will pull at America's heart strings just like We Are The World did. I can see the song opening with a mini-duet by Annie Lennox and WeHo Councilman John Duran… then they're joined by other angelic voices, like Joe Hollywood and Pitbull… then David Cooley, Sisqó, Bianca del Rio and Chris Salvatore… then maybe some of the guys who work at that burrito stand at Palm/SM Blvd… and maybe Tranny On A Bike.

  8. When you walking up the street
    you never know who you might meet
    Beware of Palm Avenue
    Especially after curfew
    You may end up getting stuck
    With a blade
    Oh holy fuck
    So listen to me little when I say
    You have a big penis
    and are GAY

  9. that's a Kylie Minogue hit song wautin to happen

  10. The Palm Ave Spooks

    when you leave here lounge, dont forget your ghb
    and dont go in that alley if you have to pee
    stay on the sidewalks that have bright lights
    we all know the monsters that come on these nights

    when you leave rage
    the hottest club in town
    make sure and have
    some friends around

    when you pass mickeys blow eveyone a kiss
    because you never know whos last night this is
    they'll be there until closing which im pretty sure is 4
    i wouldnt be suprised if you found blood on the floor

    when you leave revolver
    youll probably be fine
    since the whole place is empty
    a quarter past 9

    when you pass flamming saddles,
    dont even bother
    i looked inside
    and from behind
    i think it was your father

    once you pass trunks its the last chance to drink
    stop and get a yogurt and take some time to think

    when you finally hit palm
    and if you dont make a right
    say a little prayer
    this could be your night

    and into the darkness you go to never be seen or heard from again

    -a memoir


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