Andrew Christian
December 21, 2014

Miss Fame Naked !!

To be honest we don't know who or what a Miss Fame is but we're guessing she was on RuPaul's Drag Race at some point... We stopped watching that show after season 2. Any who.... The bitch got naked once and took a photo of her mediocre penis... Big whoop ... Here it is uh-huh there ya go!! Leave a comment...

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  1. 500,000 views? You know false advertising is illegal? You NEVER had 500,000 views a month. Maybe at the PEAK of this website in late 2012 to early 2013 there was 350,000 views a month. The stories suck on here, and only have about 5 posts a month.

    Lucas you have failed us!!
    I miss Jimmy Chen when he was a writer in late 2011. all the way!!!

    1. Girl this site is on Alexa, are you 5 yrs old. They have multiple hits form the years of existing articles and link backs. You must be mad you've got 500 friends on Facebook and I picture comment. Nobody cares, this site is enough to get you to pay attention to that ad lol so it's doing something right.

      Even if they could each eye ball as a view you're still nobody and baby girl...your in the comments not on the headline.

      Would you like a napkin for your heartache? Toodddlessss

    2. Woody was right!! Lucas does comment on stories to make it look like he gets alot of traffic! How desperate!

  2. Why would you post this, that is so wrong, everyone has an past just let Miss Fame glory in her Fame and let her move on

  3. Queerty Sucks and nobody cares it's old and run by people with STDs who jack off to goat porn

  4. Miss Fame? What is it?

    1. What is it? You likely have cable tv and clearly have access to the interwebs,'ll make sense later.

  5. Ms fames fames will be short she lasted till episode 3 then wen back to wroking at starbucks


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