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Andrew Christian

Guess Who!?

Brendan Jordan & Lucas John 
These two homos were spotted laughing the night away at WoW's dragtastic X-Mas party.
The pair looked cute together but more like father & son than.. a couple.
When asked about dating the 15-year-old viral sensation Lucas John says "He's too old for me".



  1. Nice self post Mr Lucas.

  2. Chanel P. is giving out Lucas John Junkin's number address and mothers facebook to everyone to back lash at him!! haha too funny, i love her!! West Covina Dork!!

    1. Chanel is a joke, thats not her legal name and she is a huge head on a weathered body, She should know what he is... a 30+ yr old, too ugly for a str8 club, no dick in her life whore fag.

      I wish someone could give Chanel's address out but she is either living at Marco Marco's studio closet apartment or on blow up furniture. The BITCH has two DUI's (claims to) and is 39 yrs old. NO LIFE LOW LIFE!

  3. I (almost) pity the poor boy, because his novelty most definitely has an expiration date. That, plus being an ugly homo is a tough row to hoe (and I don't see much improvement in his future). And no, going around saying how fabulous one is doesn't fool anyone.

  4. whos the fuck is john lucas?

    1. Cherelle Portillo is making Lucas famous. Can that hoe just shut her mouth along with the other fag hag Shirleen. All they do is talk shit about lucas its fucking annoying.

  5. OMG what is some pre-op trannie teenager doing at a gay bar surrounded by those dregs of society, drag queens? Someone call CPS.

  6. Poor thing... will have to go to toluca lake or west covina to get some when she moves out here...


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