Andrew Christian
December 11, 2014

Commint Of The Week - The Palm Avenue Spooks

We come across a commint every now and then that really makes us LOL! This is a poem about the Palm Avenue recent stabbing called the The Palm Avenue Spooks. It really touched our hearts. Enjoy.

The Palm Ave Spooks

when you leave here lounge, dont forget your ghb
and dont go in that alley if you have to pee
stay on the sidewalks that have bright lights
we all know the monsters that come on these nights

when you leave rage
the hottest club in town
make sure and have
some friends around

when you pass mickeys blow eveyone a kiss
because you never know whos last night this is
they'll be there until closing which im pretty sure is 4
i wouldnt be suprised if you found blood on the floor

when you leave revolver
youll probably be fine
since the whole place is empty
a quarter past 9

when you pass flamming saddles,
dont even bother
i looked inside
and from behind
i think it was your father

once you pass trunks its the last chance to drink
stop and get a yogurt and take some time to think

when you finally hit palm
and if you dont make a right
say a little prayer
this could be your night

and into the darkness you go to never be seen or heard from again

-a memoir

If you think you have a better poem reply to it here! :)

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