We're All Screwed - Compartes Chocolate Opens on Melrose Place

photo via CurbedLA
Oh honnnnnay!!! We were all safe until now... the Brentwood chocolate shop to the stars has officially set up shop & opened on Melrose Place. To be honest you have never ever had chocolate until you've had chocolate from Compartes.

We have to say a box of chocolate from Compartes is definitely the sweetest little gift you could give a friend. Headed to a dinner party? Be a good guest & pick-up a little thank you box for your host at Compartes & you'll always be invited back. Wine... is tired girl!

8428 Melrose Place

Neo & GG


  1. Is this an ad? Who give a shit about a chocolate shop? Is this a blog for middle aged women?

  2. We really love this chocolate, not an ad!

  3. its def like an ad - business swap-outs obviously. its how it works.

    1. We're totally not above it... just not the case here.

    2. Fuck what the queens think. It's your damn blog. Post about chocolate if you want too. If it aint a sex scandal or a dick those hoes aren't interested anyways. I bet if you said the chocolate was FREE their asses wouldn't be complaining either. I personally think their chocolate is amazing. Bye to the typical ass dick queens and their opinions.


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