TPJ Closed In WeHo

 Ok b*tch. We had so many problems with this place. First, you are a PIZZA place but your logo and branding is that of a Korean BBQ in east LA!?

To say we are happy to see this place go belly up is an understatement.

A lot of businesses open up in West Hollywood thinking they can milk our filthy gay pocketbooks but hunty, we see through you like a broken comdim. Oh and how is 5 GUYS paying their rent or are they riding out their initial investment!?!

We really hope The Horn steak place delivers on their promise of delicious food or they can get to packing too!

Bey Felicia.

Black Tea


  1. This place closed a month ago. Thanks for posting what Wehoville told us weeks ago. But how were they milking your pocketbooks?
    And why take pleasure in a business closing? Empty store fronts don't do our community any good. Your ignorance still amazes me.

  2. I think Five Guys is doing quite well by the looks of it.

    At TPJ, the pizza was a fairly authentic take on traditional Italian pizzerias you find in Italy (with a thin crust). I think this location was poorly managed. The outside area was too cluttered with gas burners they never seemed to use, two giant placards and a dirty red rug.

  3. I wish more (good) chain restaurants would come into WeHo. Our selection really sucks and these fly-by-night local operations (TPJ, Bite, Glazed, etc.) just waste our time and money. Look at Tender Greens, Fresh Corn Grill, Z Pizza, Le Pain Quotidien... these places endure for a reason and they serve WeHo well.


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