Tired Act Lance Bass Thinks This Is Cute

Rly? What do we think? Well let us elaborate, we think you're a disgusting human being, social climber of the century and the biggest attention whore we've ever met. That's just our opinion tho! Also, it's no longer the 90s baby gurl, stop bleaching the tips LULZ!

Now go try and film your reality show...oh wait you don't have one.

Maddison Montcumminme


  1. You sound mad salty. Let the boy live.

  2. It's pretty accurate, actually. I mean, how many other Nsync members (besides Justin, obvi) are still at the bars every weekend and attending any function he's invited to, clinging on to whatever scrap of fame/youth he has left. Pretty sad to watch.

  3. Poor, desperate for attention (negative attention is better than no attention), immature Lance Bass. He's become the epitome of an irrelevant Weho queen, and he doesn't even live in Weho.
    Is that wedding to bottom-feeder Michael Turnchin ever going to happen? Feet dragging before a wedding indicates divorce later.
    Now there is news that Lance is performing his new(ish) single "Walking On Air" at Halloweenie.....Oh God! Can I get a refund for my ticket?

  4. I don't hate him or anything. However, he is a bit boring.

  5. Sorry Lance, I am embarrassed by this writer. You've always been sweet to me. Disgusting is quite the opposite of my own personal experiences with you. Maddison, you're fired!

  6. I think Lance is cute and does a decent job on XM Satellite Radio. Miss Maddison is a bitter fruit.

  7. As someone else said, he's not hate-worthy, but he is dull. I will say that he's improved (looks-wise) with age (and possible cosmetic enhancements), but he's still only able to score the caliber of guys he gets because of his fame and/or money. I suspect he's smart enough to realize it, though.

  8. he has a weird skinny penis. post those images from grindr


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