The Real Bar Drama of WeHo:

We were expecting Cooley's to open late summer or early fall but construction of the sexy 8,879 sf gastro-pub has yet to begin & it's almost Halloween! So what gives? Sources close to the WeHo mogul, David Cooley, claim the construction of the kitchen alone is going to cost $2million & that David called in the experts to do an analysis of his new venture & they said it would be a poor investment due to it's size, buildout costs & other geo/economic factors. At the end of the day it looks like Cooley's will be a loss &  being the wise businessman David Cooley is we're going to assume he'll cut his losses before breaking ground. To be honest who needs a fancy analysis when you can just take one look at the lack of success PUMP is experiencing.

Alfredo Diaz,  part owner of Revolver, has filed for bankruptcy & has chosen or is being forced to sell his stake in Revolver. Alfredo actually protested the opening of Cooley's & even though he may have gotten his way for now... it may all be in vein since the only person with experience & the cash on hand to purchase Alfredo's stake in Revolver is .... David Cooley. And after having a first hand conversation with David himself we can tell you that he is absolutely 100% interested in acquiring Alfredo's share but it ain't over until the check is cashed.

Bankruptcy Filings
1. California Bankruptcy Record
Petitioner Information
Address:    _____ S CITRUS AVE
LOS ANGELES, CA 90036-3040
Filing Type:    INDIVIDUAL
Filer Type:    INDIVIDUAL
Case Number:    1429992
Filing Date:    10/22/2014
Filing Type:    Chapter 7
Nothing would make us happier than seeing Eleven Nightclub close it's doors after it's last Halloween event but we're not so sure Rich Grossi's deal with Flamming Saddles is actually going through. Sources close to the venue say that Rich's lease expires in 6 months & that the landlord sent a letter to the Flamming Saddles' investors warning them of a 30% increase in rent once the lease they assumed from Rich expires.... And the application/permit that was recenly posted on the building for Flamming Saddles has since been removed. So now we're all just waiting for Nov.1st to come along so we can find out what the hell is really going on. Dear Madonna, please let this be the end of Rich Grossi.

Who knew WeHo bar gossip could be so... RICH!!

Neo & GG


  1. Cooley's sucks. Eleven is a joke. Revolver need to revolve out of town. Come join me for Fantasy Tuesday! I am the best queen in town and that is a #Fact

    1. You spelled my name wrong, thanks.


    2. You spell it cole !!!!!!!

  2. Actually you spell is Both Alusia or Allusia. I am not sure which commentor is the real one, but you are a tired queen it is not ALWAYS about you. We are sick of you. Lets this bars have their day and FUCK your dead event at Fantasy Tuesday its a joke.

  3. Certain bars can be good at certain times: Abbey late afternoon Sunday, Here Sunday evening, Eleven late night Friday come to mind. But most of the bars in WeHo suck overall. The dives -- Trunks, Fubar, Gym, Bayou, Motherlode -- are the exception, but that's because they don't promise too much.

    1. MUSIC/DJS SUCK with the exception of Mickys on some weeknights. WeHo seems to think all gays and their friends want to hear are terrible house remixes. The best music The Abbey has had since the demise of Hip Hop Sundays was when a guest DJ took over for the Andrew Christian fashion show and played actual music instead of endless bass drops with whistles and dying giraffe noises. Even Trunks -- which should be an awesome pop oldies/classic rock bar -- has given in to this nonsense. Shitty music is the bar scene's #1 issue. For a real DJ, see the VIP room at Bootsy Bellows: songs (not awful remixes) played and mixed with hits across decades and genres, and the dance floor stays packed. Go figure.

    2. BIGOT SHIT. Segregated nights and hiring practices? Seriously, the gay community's race obsession is getting to be embarrasing. It's 2014. Not a single nonwhite or white-Latino bartender to be found, pathetic. Some bars having a gogo crew that looks like a KKK rally (and groups of friends having a clique that looks like the Aryan Brotherhood) get it together.

    3. TRASH. Constantly pushing Andrew Christian fakeness. The models are nice guys, good guys, but the clothes are tacky and cheap. Is AC soft porn really how WeHo has to market itself, all the time, everywhere? There's actual talent and creativity in this town, why does everything have to be dumbed down for prostitution?

    4. COVERS/LINES FOR LOCALS. Here Lounge Wednesday would be awesome like it used to be if they'd drop the stupid cover. Not that I pay it, but I know those who stay away because. Like they're not making enough from drink sales, come on. This tourist trash that invades WeHo weekly -- fine, we need the revenue. But if you have an ID with a 90069 or 90048 zip code, you should get front of line privilege immediately.

    5. PARKING. I'm a local so I walk, but the entire city council should be replaced for how hard they've made it to park in this city. Meter hours till midnight, eff off John Duran.

    1. Like, Wehoconfidential needs to copy and paste that entire comment into its own fucking post. That was so dam good! I have just moved to LA in Janurary and you accurately describe how I feel about everything.


  4. No one wants to go to these places any more because they are all following the Stripper Circus model. Well Stripper Circus is empty now & no one cares about Rhea Litre!!

  5. I only go to Shawn Morales & Lucas John parties. I don't want to deal with the WeHo Bull Shit. I want have fun, get drunk & hook up with dudes who don't wear makeup.

  6. $2 Million for a restaurant kitchen?!?! Oh please David Cooley! Does he have Mario Batali embedded into that pizza oven? Maybe is would have been made of platinum. More like the city called him on his bullshit or his big money partner SBE said don't think so. Do another line creep.


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