Steam Room at Crunch busted by LAPD: #Fornicate

Okay, let's face it... it's 2014 & you're still hooking up in the steam room at the gym? We get how this is cool & even culturally accepted by WeHo's own Councilmember Duran but come on guys. WeHo is getting straighter by the minute & all those new housing developments are bringing in straight folks by the thousands. Do you really think all those new straight dudes want to share a cum friendly sauna with ya at Crunch?

To be honest we're down for steamy sessions but the times are changing.


Neo & GG


  1. I actually like your opinion about this matter. Kudos.

  2. It's actually the public restroom next-door that they are ass cracking down on

  3. Closet cases are known to hate themselves and the people they desire.

    As for your response....a bit of self hating there as well. Yes, we can use the internet and cell phones/devices to get lucky. Yes, we can meet like the straights do it, in public,under the sun or the local supermarket. However, the old ways are fast and there are still plenty of closet cases and first timers who need servicing. Or like many of the straights are you jealous of their instant satisfaction? Our pleasure is our business. Not yours at WeHo Conjob nor the cops nor anyone else but, the parties concerned.

    You get lucky your way, they get lucky their way. To each his or her or its' own. Whatev.

  4. I just find it hilarious that the LAPD is ordering its male officers (some/most of whom are straight) to sit naked in a West Hollywood steamroom to wait for gay men to come onto them. Can you imagine the laughing that must go on in the assignment meetings?!

  5. Are you sure this is correct? The LAPD doesn't have any jurisdiction in West Hollywood as it is contracted out to the Sheriffs Department.

    1. Crunch Gym's is literally on the border with West Hollywood but is in Los Angeles proper and therefore the LAPD has jurisdiction there. Mr. Duran is correct, and I would assume this is a political win-win as they are mostly his constituents and have nothing to do with LA County Sheriff's Department.

  6. Duran is a councilman and can't even get it right whether it was LAPD or LA County Sheriff?? ^above poster is correct. if it's a Crunch in West Hollywood, that would be patrolled by LA County Sheriff. Duran you dirty dog, always on Grindr AND the steam room too?

  7. Crunch is just outside the WeHo borders, and is under the jurisdiction of both the LAPD and LACSD


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